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Donor Information

Donor List

The donor list provides basic information and characteristics for each donor. It is available quarterly. You may print the list or view online on our website.

Short Profiles

A short profile is one page long providing personal and demographic information, and the results of screening tests performed on the donor.

Long Profiles

A long profile is 9 or more pages in length and provides a detailed medical and genetic history, the donor’s personal information such as physical attributes, favourite music, favourite colour, SAT scores, hobbies, etc. This long profile is either recorded or original document the donor completed in his handwriting. The long profiles can be purchased by calling our office. We strongly encourage reviewing the long profile before making your final donor choice.

Donor Matching Consultations

Donor matching is to help with the selection process. This optional program involves matching ABO group, RH factor & physical characterises of the client, husband, family member or other individual with that of donor.

The sperm donor database provides information on current donors such as their race, ethnicity, blood type, physical characteristics and attributes as well as educational and occupational achievements. We make every attempt to ensure the confidentiality of this procedure and the anonymity of the sperm donors. Please be sure to know the donor code when ordering vials or requesting information.

Sperm Donor Rights

The identity of the donor shall remain anonymous. The clients have no right to learn the identity of the donor or solicit donor identifying information from any other source. The donor shall also be free from any responsibility to the biological offspring produced by his sperm.

Client Rights

The clients have the right to be informed of the limitations and potential complications involved with sperm donation. Sperm donation is not always successful and multiple treatments might have to be performed. Also, the sperm bank cannot completely guarantee that the sperm they provide is disease free or free of genetic abnormalities. Although genetic testing and disease screening techniques are advanced and sensitive, they are not foolproof. The client also must understand that she/he is fully responsible for the offspring conceived by use of the specimens.

Sperm donor and client rights are usually established via an informed consent form that is signed by the client and verified by the client's doctor. This form ensures that the client understands his/her rights and the rights of the sperm donor. The principle of informed consent is based on the principles of scientific and medical ethics.